Triennale Milano / Urban Center Milano 2030
the project

Milan is taking part in the XXII Triennale di Milano International Exhibition with the opening of the new Urban Center, which hosts the Milano 2030 exhibition. A public place of storytelling, study, and discussion, set to become a new hub and meeting place for institutions and professionals, and for all those who wish to find out more about the issues involved in the future of the city.

Triennale Milano / Urban Center Milano 2030
animation development 

Workroom was involved in the project for the IDEATION AND animation of the texts, together with the animation of some specific scenes. you can find them both next.

city renovation sequence

parks sequence 

transportations sequence  

map animation sample sequence 

building renovation sequence


Triennale Milano / Urban Center Milano 2030
animation specs 

the project from text to graphics, was done with a mix of frame by frame and keyframes, this allowed us to keep a complete control over motion. for more consistency in the movements and a raw feeling we used a low fps over all the animation

Triennale Milano / Urban Center Milano 2030
misc informations 

The Urban Center will tell the story of the city’s development, starting with the Milano 2030 exhibition under the artistic direction of Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli. The event is curated by the research and design collective Fosbury Architecture. The Urban Center will host also a temporary addition to the exhibition with the project Agenti Climaticiby OMA and Laboratorio Permanente, the winning proposal for the redevelopment of the disused Farini railway yards: citizens will be able to partecipate in expressing opinions and suggestions about the project.

project credits
workroom for la Triennale milano

architecture / Fosbury Architecture
art direction and illustration / Loris Alessandria
frame by frame animation / Alessandro Barzaghi
Motion graphic and keyframe animation / Alessandro Barzaghi, gabriele calvi
additional illustrations / Martina Elisa Cecchi
music and sound design / John Poon

photo / courtesy of sinergico
Visit the site here / la triennale Milano

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