Satispay everywhere

Satispay launches its first TV spot, "Satispay everywhere", to tell the world about the advantages of the mobile payment service.

The spot is a journey through the eyes of those who, once they have known Satispay, can no longer do without using it as and when they want. Workroom was involved to create the opener animation of the spot.


The animation was done in frame by frame, drawing every frame to gain - from the fluffy hair to the bouncing clothes - the complete control of the carachter movement. 

Workroom for Satispay:

frame by frame opener animation
A collaboration with:

creative director—James Kenneally
art Director—Andrea Bax
extra animations—Stefano Agabio, Andrea Bax
illustrations—Stefano Pietramala
music and sound Design—Smider

more information—Satispay