Salvatore Ferragamo
SS22 Overview

Salvatore Ferragamo design director Guillaume Meilland chooses natural nuances and saturated shades.

There is a strong inspiration from the cinema of the 70s and a sensually soignée liberation, plus an interesting collaboration with the Parisian artist Julien Colombier, who has taken a floral foulard print from the archives to re-propose it as a jacquard or as embroidery.

SS22 Fashion Show
Three Teasers

The Teasers creation process focused on the pleasure experiencing that moment in which the light of a summer afternoon dissolves into the sunset, creating natural rainbows as it changes. A game of shades mixed with mirrors and reflections, a constant, recurrant element of the show.

Three Teasers recalls the appointment of the 2022 season introducing warm saturated colors, reflections and light play.

A graphic challenge about melting still images and liquid colors transformations together, delivering a unique code to introduce the show.

Workroom for Salvatore Ferragamo:

motion direction 
motion design

sound design
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production—Salvatore Ferragamo
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