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La Vita Nova

— Food Particles
— Vividness Light
— Class Evolution
— Autovisioni
— Motorcycle Dynamics
— Enterprise Generation
— Who Draws the World
— Big numbers
— Cloud update

Opener animations for the digital magazine La Vita Nova, an iPad issue de Il Sole 24 Ore.

Food Particles

Food, from production to distribution, from tech innovation to scientific research. What are the solutions that lie ahead to untie the knots of the sustainable food?

Vividness Light

From the beginning of time light was translated and syntetized with schemes and graphics. At least, that was what humans tried to do.

Class Evolution

The relationship between school and digital, teachers and colleges are challenging themselves with innovative and somehow surprising tools.


The automotive world, this issue opening up questions about how it is changing, where it will go and how technological research and new materials free creativity and design also.

Motorcycle Dynamics

The “two wheels” celebration, scooters as the icon of sustainable urban transport, while the motorcycle rediscover the emotions of the past.

Enterprise Generation

The issue introduce the anthropology of young italian innovators and their ideas.

Who Draws the World

How the digital maps has become the basis for a new mobility? Why the "augmented" geography has become a platform to connect people in new ways?

Big Numbers

A journey into a world born from the explosion of data, where theories emerge from the elaboration of massive numbers of informations.

Cloud Update

The Cloud and its advantages makes, moreover, possible to access and manage files and software remotely using any device.

Workroom for La Vita Nova:

Motion Direction, Design

Sound Design

A collaboration with:

Art Direction, Illustration—Laura Cattaneo

More information—Il Sole 24 Ore