flos / the light suites

the light suites is a miniserie commissioned by flos where light designers talk about their most famous and fascinating products. next, all the episodes.

flos / the light suites
Episode 1 / Superloon by Jasper Morrison

“Design makes things seem special, and who wants normal if they can have special? And that’s the problem. There are better ways to design than putting a big effort into making something look special. Special is generally less useful than normal, and less rewarding in the long term”

flos / the light suites
episode 2 / taccia by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Taccia was initially designed by the Castiglioni brothers with a transparent plastic bowl reflector but, to their surprise, they found that intense heat flattened the bowl. Watch the video and hear the original story from achille’s own words.

flos / the light suites
episode 3 / wirering by formafantasma

Lamps are designed to illuminate the world with brightness, but also with the intimacy of shadow: discover WireRing by Formafantasma and the technology behind its essential design.

flos / the light suites
episode 4 / gaku by nendo

A frame (this is the meaning of ‘gaku’ in Japanese) hosting and interacting with lamps and a variety of matching objects, which is conceived as something in between accessories and furniture.

project credits

workroom for flos
Motion Design 2D-3D / alessandro barzaghi
Sound Design / alessandro barzaghi

in collaboration with
Production / C41studio
Creative direction / Enrico Magistro

3D wireframe Model, rig / Stefano Bellinazzi
Voice / Jasper Morrison

3D Model / gabriella cardillo
Voice / Achille Castiglioni - 1987

3D wireframe Model, rig / Stefano Bellinazzi
3D photorealistic / bloom22
Voice / formafantasma

3D wireframe Model, rig  / Stefano Bellinazzi
3D photorealistic model, rig  / Stefano Bellinazzi
Voice / nendo

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