The Light Suites

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A miniserie by Flos about their most famous and fascinating products, in each episode designers talk about their lighting solutions and the idea behind the project.

Episode 1
SuperloonJasper Morrison

“Design makes things seem special, and who wants normal if they can have special? And that’s the problem. There are better ways to design than putting a big effort into making something look special. Special is generally less useful than normal, and less rewarding in the long term”

Episode 2
TacciaAchille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Taccia was initially designed by the Castiglioni brothers with a transparent plastic bowl reflector but, to their surprise, they found that intense heat flattened the bowl. Watch the video and hear the original story from achille’s own words.

Episode 3

Lamps are designed to illuminate the world with brightness, but also with the intimacy of shadow: discover WireRing by Formafantasma and the technology behind its essential design.

Episode 4

A frame (this is the meaning of ‘gaku’ in Japanese) hosting and interacting with lamps and a variety of matching objects, which is conceived as something in between accessories and furniture.

Episode 5
CoordinatesMichael Anastassiades

A collection of lights with a strong visual impact, originally designed for the legendary Four Seasons restaurant in New York. Characterized by firmly intertwined linear LED bars, its shape seems to be inspired by the mathematical precision of a Cartesian grid.

Workroom for Flos:

Motion Direction

Motion Design 2D, 3D
Sound Design

A collaboration with:

Creative Direction—Enrico Magistro
Creative Producer—Alessandro De Agostini

3D Model, Rig—Stefano Bellinazzi
Voice—Jasper Morrison

3D Model—Gabriella Cardillo
Voice—Achille Castiglioni - 1987

3D Model, Rig—Stefano Bellinazzi
3D photorealistic—Bloom22

3D Model, Rig—Stefano Bellinazzi

3D Model, Rig—Stefano Bellinazzi
Voice—Michael Anastassiades

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