Light Shadow Pro & Camera

A miniserie talking about and explaining the multiple nature and the technology behind the Flos architectural collection.

Episode 1
Diversion—Piero Lissoni

Innovative minimized profile system designed by Piero Lissoni for surface and suspended installation characterized by an extreme flexibility. A multifunctional rail integrating light and small spots to adapt to any architectural need allowing to create countless geometries

Episode 2
Infrastracture—Vincent Van Duysen

Tubular structure compatible with a wide range of light fixtures with magnetic fastening and mechanical safety locking. Regulation and control with universal protocols and using the Flos Control application.

Episode 3
Light Shadow Pro—Flos Architectural

Compact size program designed to avoid glare in countless applications. The unique patented optical system has been applied to multiple custom-made beamwidths for specific applications such as offices, shops and homes.

Workroom for Flos:

motion direction

motion design 2D, 3D
sound design
a collaboration with:

creative direction—Enrico Magistro, Elena Ottavi
creative producer—Alessandro De Agostini
3D model, rig—Stefano Bellinazzi

more information—Flos