B&B Italia
Product Presentation

A miniserie created for the launch of the B&B collection.

Through a triptych graphic structure, footage and motion graphic explore and focus the product's essence.

Episode 1 
BlitzMario Bellini

A sculptural table, a powerful and unexpected item. A flat, slim and geometric external frame finds its natural completion in the curved and sinuous shapes of the interior, aesthetic and constructive solutions reminiscent of a suspension bridge are revealed.

Episode 2
CutterMario Bellini

Cutter is Mario Bellini’s new chair with strong and decisive aesthetics which create a new type of seating. The back of the chair is slashed by a cut which is pays homage to the great artist Lucio Fontana. 

Episode 3
Liagò—Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni designed Liagò for B&B Italia, a new range of storage units ideal for dining and living areas. Liagò is in the Venetian architectural tradition - an outdoor loggia made of wood, often featuring a marble floor.

Episode 4
Naviglio—Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg’s Naviglio collection is composed of a curved, linear, chaise longue and ottoman elements that together express a visual dialogue between structure and form. The synthesis is the project’s essence and starts from its name. 

Episode 5
Borea—Piero Lissoni

Boreas is an aluminum collection, very modern, stackable, a real outdoor product that you can leave in the rain and nothing happens, but above all it has this feature: it looks like an airplane! It gives you the idea of this timeless furniture that the tradition of the twentieth century has moved into the new century. 

Workroom for B&B:

motion direction

motion design 2D, 3D
a collaboration with:

creative producer—Alessandro De Agostini
creative direction—Elena Ottavi

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